Why use a dog walker?

Why have a dog walker in Edinburgh?

There are many reasons that make it difficult for dog owners to exercise their own pets.

  • Increasingly busy households with both partners working mean pets are often left on their own all day leaving the pets bored and unhappy and potentially destructive plus the owners consumed with guilt.
  • The family dynamic has changed and the children who, in the past, could be relied on to exercise and play with pets, have grown into uncooperative teenagers.
  • Perhaps a new baby is on the way or has already arrived and there is simply not the same amount of time or energy.
  • Changes in health, whether permanent or temporary can make it impossible to give your pet the time or the energy required to keep it healthy and happy.
  • Later in the year evening walks become more difficult with fading light. By the beginning of November it is pitch dark when working families get home.
  • Having a pet is a huge responsibility and is sometimes entered into without considering the full implications and the responsibility can become a burden without help.

Dog walkers from William’s Dog Walking is the solution!